Theresa could accuse EU officers of meddling in Britain election

Theresa could accuse EU officers of meddling in Britain election
Britain’s Prime Minister Mother Teresa could (L) leaves ten Andrew Jackson Downing Street in central London on could three, 2017, certain for Buckingham Palace for associate degree audience with Britain’s Queen Elizabeth. could is about to raise Queen Elizabeth to dissolve parliament, formally beginning proceedings for a Gregorian calendar month eight election. /


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British Prime Minister Mother Teresa could have defendant global organization officers of deliberately unseaworthy deceptive accounts of Brexit talks to have an effect on the result of the united kingdom election.

Speaking outside ten Andrew Jackson Downing Street, once seeing the Queen to formally dissolve parliament sooner than Gregorian calendar month elections, could aforementioned the EU stance on Brexit had “hardened”.
“The events of the past few days have shown no matter our desires there area unit some in Belgian capital WHO don’t need talks to succeed,” May said. The “misrepresentation” of Britain’s Brexit negotiation was regular to have an effect on the election outcome.
May and EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker had dinner in Andrew Jackson Downing Street last week for talks that had been supposed to pave the approach for formal Brexit negotiations. however EU officers later briefed that the dinner had gone badly, claiming British officers were in an exceedingly “different galaxy.”
An EU supply told CNN that May’s government “simply doesn’t appear to urge it”. If her negotiating position didn’t modification once the Gregorian calendar month eight election, then “Houston, we’ve got a tangle,” the source said.

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