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OZUBULU KILLING ONE WEEK ON:There are several contradictory accounts, together with one by associate degree eye-witness WHO claimed that the attackers were covert men in military fatigues, carrying masks, and speaking during a “foreign tongue.” the matter therewith newspaper report was that it couldn’t back, or verify, or ascertain that claim, or establish what reasonably “strange tong

ue” the shooters spoke. Was it Hausa? Was it Fulfulde? Was it Yoruba, or Ishan, or Urhobo, or Igala, or cross-border languages like Mandinka, Bassa, Ewe, or perhaps any of the types of the dialects of the ethnos language, which could typically, sound “strange” even to ethnos ears, for there ar so such wide range of tongues all told of Oru-na-Igbo. Last week’s killings in Ozubulu, not solely profaned a cardinal cultural taboo – the ethnos don’t invade sacred sanctuaries whether or not it’s dedicated to the Christian god or the divinities of Odinala. it’s out to invade or bring violence into a shrine dedicated to the good God, Chukwu, that so is what the Church is.
the second vital issue raised by the Ozubulu killing is that the dire state of public safety and emergency services in African nation. Policing is primitive. Casualty management is largely non-existent. First, the photographs of the merchandising of bodies {in a|during a|in associate degree exceedingly|in a very} pile in an open carriage truck reflects not solely our disrespect for the fundamental dignity of victims of violence, however it conjointly demonstrates the elemental lack of civilized values among the leadership of our public system charged with making, sustaining, and dispersing basic standards of human and civilized conduct in our society. we tend to treat our fellow humans like animals. we tend to deny them their dignity in death. we’ve no sense of unease or shame within the ways that we tend to handle accident victims in death, or those exhausted from the scene of catastrophe. we tend to ar savages in this regard, and therefore the photos don’t lie against USA. The Anambra State public health service is clearly manned by unskilled folks, and therefore the Anambra regime, that cannot apparently give basic automobile and different emergency services vehicles to properly evacuate the victims of the Ozubulu shooting aren’t deserve the responsibility invested on them by the citizens to represent and govern them properly. These ar “bush people” wallowing in primitive conditions. the photographs of the treatment of these Ozubulu dead, WHO were concentrated high like rotten meat, is associate degree indictment on the govt of Anambra State typically, and therefore the Ekwusigo government specifically, and far quite any holier-than-thou statements of support, and any staged “solidarity visits” in hospitals, and every one that promise to pay money for funerals by the Anambra regime, what the treatment of the dead reflects is that the actual state of public consciousness, and therefore the actual live of value of our humanity within the scale of those governments and our failing public establishments. Typically, no natural object ought to be exhausted from either the scene of associate degree accident or a mass shooting like happened within the church in Ozubulu, while not the complete authority, below a properly controlled method, during a functioning government system, of the Coroner’s workplace. Basic handling of the scene of atrocity needs that initial responders arrive with tending kits, well-equipped emergency evacuation vehicles, and a research lab unit to rope in and preserve the grounds for rhetorical work. it’s usually harmonious, properly coordinated partnership or cooperative work between the assorted establishments charged with public safety below the law – the police, the physicians, and Public prosecutors and investigation groups, usually from a well-established Criminal Investigations Department – the law enforcement agency because it was once known as. African nation has not established these ground rules, then usually, crime detection and police investigations ar usually surreal and remarkably inefficient and inconclusive method in African nation. we’ve long adopted the “attack-and-follow” technique of crime management. You collect a few of “suspects,” typically previous ruffians usually noted to the police for petty crimes, rough them up slightly, show them in public on the TV, and issue an announcement spoken language, investigations ar on-going. and zip else is ever detected of those cases thenceforth. There are no regular follow-up reports either within the native press or the national press. The matter dies as a result. The still primitive police classification system still in use in African nation investigation may be a sieve of information. Stuff disappears or falls through the cracks. There aren’t any trained police analysts. there’s no police records workplace, or properly equipped and professionally staffed police archives, rhetorical labs, or Libraries in Police Stations. For a protracted time, achievement into the police service has usually been from the terribly poorly educated, and typically, in fact, from even poorly liberal folks WHO have usually seen the police, not as against the law detection and bar organization created to secure and manage the inner or domestic security of the state, however a permissive, powerful and brutal establishment that terribly often aids the commission of crime within the land as a result of it guarantees them pay-offs. The result may be a poorly driven, poorly educated, and poorly minded constabulary doing stinky investigation. Constables lack the tools to conduct routine investigation. inquiring officers aren’t solely unequipped, however they conjointly lack the type of personnel, the depth of coaching and class necessary for coping with the realities of twenty first century crimes, during a world within which the technologies of crime aren’t any longer basic or routine. Over the years the common Nigerian grew misanthropical and alienated from the Police system, and have return as a result to expect little or no, in terms of expertise from Nigeria’s police, whose inefficiencies ar combined by the actual fact that it’s one, centrally controlled, pointed establishment with little or no civil governance, or oversight. The results ar snafus just like the massacres in Ozubulu. The handling of this Ozubulu incident remains extremely problematic and vexing. as an example, among minutes of the report of the killing, the commissioner declared that the killings ar connected to a drug gang war brought home to Ozubulu. If that were therefore, once did the police apprehend this fact? What did they are doing to anticipate and forestall the commission of this crime, knowing apparently from their conclusions that one thing was near to go down? is that this state of affairs if truth be told true? The Anambra state governor, Mr. Willy Obiano conjointly failed to got to build political theatre of the event. He ought to have unbroken this tentative police data to himself till all the facts ar accounted for. So far, police account of this incident doesn’t feel credible. By creating the statement in public, the governor conjointly compromises the police investigations and its network of informants. If so this was a drug gang, mafia-style killing, then it’s quite sure that in its current formation, the Nigerian police system is way too unequipped to traumatize these styles of crimes. Ozubulu is therefore a warning; a mere flashpoint of events that ar within the boil given the increasing world network of Nigerian related to criminal networks with subtle means; and it underscores the decay of Nigeria’s public safety infrastructure, and particularly the unpreparedness of its police system, to handle the more and more subtle threats to Nigeria’s domestic security. Nigerians got to pressure their governments in the slightest degree levels – native, state, and federal, to start to reform and upgrade public safety protocols, to align with the realities of the twenty first century.

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